I have decided to use my wordpress account to reach out to anyone experiencing a very unusal phenomena.
From what I understand it has been going on all over the globe.

For the last two years  I have heard sounds that defy explanation. The sounds seem to come from the sky and directly above our house at times. Mostly at night.
These are purely audio . I have yet to see what the source may be. The sounds are very loud and unmistakable.
One is very similar to  a rumbling thunder. 
In one instance it went on continuously for about forty mins and would increase and decrease in intensity and sound. Not unlike a natural storm. Yet, It seems it was anything but, natural.
It occured around 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.
At the time I thought it was raining even though something seemed off.  I realized it was not a storm when, I told my husband to be careful driving home due to the storm and he said there was no rain. 
I looked outside and to my amazement there were no clouds and no rain and no predictions of rain that day. I have now found on youtube other people hearing the same thing and being just as puzzled.

The other type is a rhythmic humming sound. A sort of underlying base hum with a strong pulsing sound overlaying the base hum. Thrummm ….thrummmm…thrummm.   I tend to think of it as the “Alien Mother Ship” sound.
It starts as though far away yet, builds to full intensity in only a few minutes. It is sometimes concentrated in the area directly over our house.Then it seems to move away and the sound decreases and fades away.
Even my dog reacts to the sound and will stare straight up  at the ceiling. He has begun shaking and reacting to it with fear. Looking at the ceiling  and either hiding in his crate or wanting to be on our bed with us.

The other thing that struck me as interesting  is that right before  I  had  let  my dog out into the backyard  and he began to run around the yard barking at nothing. Charging around, growling and very on edge. I was calling his name since he was acting so out of character and stressed but, he would not respond to me. I looked in every direction but, found nothing out of the ordinary. I got him to come back in and it was only a short while later that the rumbling/ thunder sounds began.
I did not connect the two until later.  I have to wonder if he sensed or heard something that my human ears could not?

When I hear these odd sounds I never see anything nor can I determine the source.

The “Alien ship”  sound triggers a strong sense of not being alone and of being watched. Needless to say it causes some distress and makes it very difficult to sleep. This is a sound I have heard before and am somewhat familiar with. (A whole other story.)

The first time I heard one of the strange sounds was around 3am and I confirmed later with a friend who lives about a mile and a half away. They heard it as well.
So at least I know I am not losing my mind..yet. 🙂

There have also, been reports around the world of loud trumpeting sounds. I personally, have not heard those particular sound as of yet.

I regret not being prepared to record any of them. I now have my digital voice recorder at the ready and my cell phone nearby as well. I hope to catch something next time.

If anyone else has heard these sounds please, email me or comment on this post.

I have found multiple examples of this phenomenon on youtube.  Do a search using “mysterious sounds from the sky”.

The amazing thing is how some of the exact same tones are being heard from one side of the globe to another.

There are many theories out there as to what it is.
Here are just a few:
1. Alien ships or some sort of communication from another place not on Earth.. That the aliens are announcing their arrival. For the good of mankind or not remains to be seen.
A wakeup call or activation of latent memories in abductees. Again, not sure if this is good or bad.
2. The inner core of the earth turning to molten heated liquids and the outer crust of the earth is beginning to loosen and ultimately spin. Not unlike a baseball skin rotating around its core. Which is a theory that Einstein presented as a possible explanation for ancient civilizations disappearing and their technologies with it. Possibly causing mankind to return to primitive living conditions.  Global weather changes  reduce most of the earths population and mankind loses its technology.
3. The coming of Jesus per the prophesies of the Bible. That these are the trumpet sounds heralding the beginning of the end days.
4. The technology of HAARP or other government weapons.
5. Gaia- Mother Earth letting us know that she will not endure anymore pollution or destruction. That she is warning us of upcoming disasters brought on by mans destruction of her body.
6. Harmonic changes following the vibrational changes in man and earth. That we are entering the next stage of evolution both physically and spiritually.This may be the changes the Mayans predicted per the Mayan calander.That its not the end of things but, the beginning. A time that we as humans can choose peace and evolution over fear and death. .

I think I have covered most of them but, please, feel free to comment or email me regarding more.
Please, send sound clips and any info regarding the sounds as well.

Until next time,



This new post was inspired by a few of my amazing friends that have learned to overcome their own fear and take back their power. You know who you are. *smiles*

They each looked fear in the face and said, No more!

I have been asked to help more than a few individuals over the years in dealing with hauntings and spirits . Each one is very unique and each person brings their own inner beliefs to every situation. Every one is a challenge and requires a different  approach as to how I can best assist. I try to help not only deal with the issue they have but, to become more empowered and learn how to protect themselves.

Many people have long held ideas or expectations based on what Holywood has portrayed as fact. I would like to remind anyone reading this that Hollywood does not always keep to the facts and not all paranormal shows on TV or at the movies are completely factual.*gasps*
Yes. My friends. Things are dramatized and do not usually represent the full truth. It is called entertainment. *chuckles*

I am not saying all of the experiences shown on these type of shows are purely fictional for im sure they have some sort of truth in the original telling. It may be embellished a bit for the sake of telling a more exciting story and thats ok. That is what entertainment does. My only issue is when people take everything as fact and base their knowledge on what they see. Their only understanding of the paranormal comes from stories and not personal experiences. Then add in cultural beliefs that may label everything paranormal as demon or evil and you have people who are so fearful that they react from the only references they have and that is when it all goes pear shaped.

Horror  movies are probably the number  one source of misguided facts. They are usually completely fictional and show a family or person unwittingly move into a haunted house or stay the night in a creepy historical site. Usually they find out that the location is filled with all manner of  evil demons. These entities resent the living and try to make anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into a place like this, experience a living nightmare.

Yes. There are monsters in this world and times that a spirit or entity will not be happy about someone being in their space or a spirit that just enjoys scaring the living. It does not mean all spirits are this way or monsters are lurking under every bed or in our basements. I believe that truly demonic interactions make up a very small percentage of what is usually experienced. Good news right? Not if your trying to make money off of fear . Aka:Hollywood.

Dont get me wrong I enjoy scary movies as much as the next person I just dont buy into them or view it as an accurate portrayal. The favorite sentence used to catapult entertainment from fiction into belief is ” Based on true events. ” Which usually means, this story is nothing like what really happened and has been made a hundred times more disturbing and dramatized.

The psychopathic killer, deviant psychic or vampiric being bent on victimizing someone is an old favorite. Of course the victim is portrayed as having no way to fight back or protect themselves. All they can do is cower in a darkened closet waiting for the bogeyman to find them. Which normally is the que for the dramatic music and the inevitable moment the monster finds them. Which happens to coincide with the moment someone in the theatre jumps and sends a shower of popcorn on the people around them. *chuckles*

I understand the reason for feeling fearful and yes..there are legitimate times when fear is a healthy response and the flight or fight instinct is correct. Yes, there are monsters in this world and there are predators but, the biggest thing that we tend to forget or need to be reminded of is courage. Courage does not mean we do not feel fear it is feeling fear and not letting it stop us. To stand up and face the bogeyman in spite of it. It is how heroes are born and how we overcome our natural or imagined foes. This is the true warrior spirit.

The other part Hollywood never shows is how those “monsters” both living or otherwise are not all powerful.
That they tend to be the weakest of people in life and in death.Their need to victimize someone is proof of how inferior they truly feel. A predator will create a situation where they can feed on a victims fear in order to fill some inner void or lack of self worth. This is the true definition of a “psychic vampire”.

The truth that is not shown in popular horror movies is that we are not without our own innate power and ability to protect ourselves. That we do not have to be a victim.  That we all have the ability to face our fears and find our own inner strength and become not only survivors, but warriors in our own right. Of course this would make for a boring horror movie if the monsters did not have the planned upon effect on the viewers.

Back to why I have written this post.

I have had the honor of seeing more than one person take back their power, face their fears and stand tall and proud.
To look the bogeyman in the eyes and not only stop the patterns of victimization but, learn how to never allow anyone or anything to take advantage of them again.
Its a beautiful thing. *Smiles*

I think that most cultures promote fear of the unknown in one way or another. It seems to be an ingrained reaction to feel only fear and helplesness when dealing with anything paranormal. There are times when feeling scared can be healthy and has kept us from being eaten by larger creatures that view us as food or a threat. A spirit in a house is not going to eat our flesh. They may mess with our energy and in rare cases effect the physical such as: scratches, bruises, moving objects, sounds,  effect electrical appliances and a plethora of other tricks. In experiencing these things our lives can be greatly impacted but, the part most effected is our own feeling of vulnerability and it’s high time we learn how to overcome and become confident with our own strengths and energies and take back our lives.

The issue is not only our cultural beliefs but, the way Hollywood would have us believe in the images and stories of demons and malicous spirits hurting us in some devious way. That we as humans have no recourse or way to protect ourselves. That my friends, could not be farther from the truth.

Just to clarify what I mean..

I am not saying that these malicous sort of spirits or entities dont exist,  just not in the way we have been led to believe. Im also, not telling people to always face them alone. It’s ok to ask for help. Be sure to find someone who is grounded and keeps things simple. Many will not charge for their services but, if they do then it should be a reasonable amount. If they want to charge you thousands of dollars then I would suggest you keep looking. Until you find someone who truly has a desire to help others and won’t take advantage of desperate or fearful people. There are a lot of us out there who truly want to help others and will never take advantage of people’s fear to make a buck.

Ok. Back to the main topic.

My point is that we need to disregard  the Hollywood images of being helpless and not able to protect ourselves. This iconic fear creates demons and bogeymen in the minds of so many people that any bump in the night or paranormal event becomes very sinister and something terrible. I have seen it many times even on some of my favorite paranormal inestigation shows. The investigators are there to find spirits and to interact with them yet, as soon as things begin to occur or the activity increase tthey either move to another location after only a short time or end the investigation. They seem to be very scared of the very things they are trying to investigate. Seems a bit odd but, again it is the preconceived notions built up in peoples minds that immediatly think demon or malicous entity. They could not be further from the truth.

Just because, they get scratched or feel a spirit touch them does not make it a demon. There is a very small percentage of people that truly experience demons or powerful negative entities. Most are the results of mischevious or grumpy human spirits.  Earth bound spirits can be just as grumpy in death as they were in life. If you think about what they must be going though and what happened to that person to bring them to this point then you can begin to understand and feel compassion. If you treat them like you would a friend or family member instead of an evil monster then you can begin to truly overcome your fears.

To feel compassion for Earth bound spirits is how we can help them to cross over and in turn feel good about knowing we could assist a lost person move on.

I have found that most of the spirits I have dealt with over the years are usually scared and lost people. They are still holding onto trauma or guilt for something they did in life. That guilt becomes so strong that their own cultural conditioning takes over and they become afraid to cross over. To many years of being told that if we have not been good then we will meet a terrible end. That our soul will go to a place called Hell and we will be tortured and abused for eternity. The religious dogma of our upbringing will make someone so fearful when they die that they get stuck here.

They sadly resist moving on due to their beliefs and feelings that they don’t deserve forgiveness or healing. I spend more time counseling the person and getting them to move past their anger of dying or fear of what may await them in the afterlife  than actually fighting some scary spirit.  They just usually need to be reminded that even if they murdered or raped someone in life that it does not make them a murdered or a rapist. That they are a person who murdered or raped. That they still have good within them and that they can learn from their own mistakes in this life and can become better people because of it.

I believe that no soul is thrown away or destroyed. Energy cannot be destroyed only changed. If we believe our souls to be energy and that we are all created out of pure love and goodness then doesn’t it stand to reason that we move beyond our physical bodies at the time of our death. And death is not an end to who we are or our existence  but, a change in our energy. The energy we call a soul is more than our earthly experiences. It is a dynamic force that encompasses so much more than one act in a single lifetime. So when I encounter a scared or angry spirit that has for whatever reason gotten stuck on this plane of existence I don’t threaten them with violence or hate them.  I let go of my own judgements and in turn help them to do the same. Once they are shown compassion and love many times it is all they needed to free them from their own personal hell. I open a portal and assist them to take that first step into the light. Usually I can sense loved ones and beings who are there to help them to heal and feel love again. I reassure the spirit and get them to let go of their fears and anger and to trust in their own self worth and that they deserve to heal and to find peace regardless of what they did while alive. It truly is a beautiful thing.


I am not there to judge them or punish them. I only try to counsel them in death as I would in life.  When they are able to see how stuck they are due to their own beliefs or fears and let go of any preconceived ideas about what happens to the soul is when the healing can begin. You can feel the change in the very air in the house or place and it’s as though a sigh of relief is felt by everyone. It is a palatable change when they move on and transition to the next part of their journey. It has even  registered as a huge drop on my EMF  detectors. Regardless of what we have been taught by various religions or what we think happens to us after we die I have found that our own fears are far worse than any brimstone or fiery pit imagined.  That we create our own hell or heaven and the afterlife we think we deserve. Seek out not only forgiveness from others but forgiveness for ourselves as well. We judge ourselves much more harshly than what anyone else could.  We as spiritual beings need to learn how to be compassionate and forgive others and maybe, if we are ever in need of that same compassion we will be be lucky enough to find it as well.

Yes, I know what your thinking. What about those truly evil and inhuman entities that now and then do come into our reality? How do we deal with that sort of haunting?

That my friends will be another discussion for another day. Smiles. I decided that this has already become a much longer version than what I had in mind. To all those who were able to read the posting in its entirety  I thank you and hope I did not bore you to badly. *chuckles

I promise to make that my next topic and to address it as best I can. Each person will find their own tried and true methods for dealing with these challenging beings and they will change in time as well. Each one is unique in its own way and that means no cookie cutter way of resolving them. Even my own views and experiences have evolved over the years. I am a very different person in many ways from who I was when I first began this crazy blog.  It is not a bad thing just part of growing and of life.

So as always, take my advice and words of wisdom to be something you decide to embrace or reject. I am not all knowing and I don’t pretend to be. There will always be exceptions and things that don’t fit into a neat little box.  And that is good. Life would be way to boring otherwise.

Please note, feel free to comment and to give feedback. I am always open to other views and love to hear other people’s experiences.  Until we meet again.

Sweet Dreams,





I decided to share a very serious incident that occurred last year… to a friend of mine…in order to warn others about a non-vampire predator with the hope of raising awareness and to show that Psi vamps are not who the books should be warning people about.

You mean Psi Vampires are NOT the evil creatures that some people try to make us out to be ? *chuckles*

In reality….most Psi’s respect boundries and use willing donors to fill a real need. Unlike the person in this story. He does this to fulfill a twisted desire for power and is no better than any other criminal. The disturbing difference is that he has the added ability to enter someones house undetected and prey upon his victims and not be held accountable. Plus, who is going to report it to the police? Even though this is a home invasion in every sense but, on a more subtle level and can be just as traumatic. The very nature of this type of attack induces deep fear and helplessness.

Here is the true story of what happens when a psychic predator meets a protective Psi vamp.

A friend of mine began experiencing nightly paranormal attacks after a chance meeting with a psychic predator. 

This was a person that she never actually met directly but, began noticing him in different places that she frequented. She felt something disturbing about this person and became alarmed when she noticed him around so much.

She was right to feel nervous about him. He is one of the worse kinds. The type that relies on weakening a persons physical and mental energies and once the person is sufficiently weakened then begins to focus on a more invasive attack. They do not care who they hurt and enjoy victimizing people.
First he chooses a target and stalks them in order to connect with them better. He creates a psychic link so he can assure there will be no escape.

When it first started… she began sensing a hostile presence in her bedroom at night and it was a strong enough feeling to wake her out of a deep sleep.

As time went on..this energy began to visit her every other night as soon as she fell asleep …like some hellish scheduled appointment. He began to effect her dreams and attack her mentally and energetically drain her until she was exhausted all the time. Nights began to symbolize fear instead of sleep and became a source of dread and a very disturbing reality.

It was at this point that I was asked to help.

She explained to me…how it had been slowly getting worse over the past few months. Her mental, physical and spiritual well being was greatly impacted and she had tried everything to stop it but, with no success. I agreed to help. She is a friend and I always like to help out when I can. What good are my talents if I dont use them to help others?

So, began my journey into a form of spiritual cat and mouse.

I knew he was attacking her every other night. The problem was the timing. It seemed he waited for her to fall asleep first. Which of course, is the same time I am sleeping. You see the problem.

I asked her to text me when she was being attacked. This happened a few times but, by the time I would wake due to the alert on my phone that a text came in…I would send my energy to her but, just miss him. I tried to pick up his trail and follow it but, I was never able to. Which, bothered me as well. How was he leaving without a trace of energy to follow? It was very frustrating.

A few more days go by and I recieve the text I was waiting for… only moments after I happened to wake up. (I was having a dream about her being attacked and thats why I was finally up and alert when the text came in.)
The message was simple. He is here! Sure enough ..she had fallen asleep and then was awoken by his attack. The intensity of it continued even after she was fully concious. She could still feel not only a strong energetic presence but, a new level of physicality that scared her even worse and worried me as well. It takes a lot of focus and energy to effect the physical to such an extent. It told me he was quite adept and most likely a repeat offender.

Before I tell you what I did to stop him..Let me share with you what I had already tried.

I had warned him to stay away by sending him a very clear psychic message. I let him know that he had to stop or face the not so pleasant consequences. It kept him away exactly one day. *Sighs* Some people do not get the hint

So , I decided to to use another tactic.

I helped her create a crystal grid of protection around her bed with protective wards and charged it.
It seemed very promising yet, it also, failed. After just a few days..he was back and just as determined. I realized at this point that it was going to take much more to stop him.

He also, began to assault her to such an intensity that physical evidence began to show up. She would find bruising and marks on her skin following an attack. Her immune system became compromised from the nightly energy drains. Her mental terror and feeling of helplessness grew in intensity.
To feel someone holding you down and assaulting you yet, not be able to see them or fight back is a horrifying experience. To be faced with multiple events like this would be beyond horrific.

Feeling frustrated and helpless….I focused on figuring out how he was doing it. What was I missing? Why didnt my grid stop him? I sent out my energy and tested the grid and it held.. yet, he seemingly passed through without any problem? It was then that I figured it out . He was not astral projecting into her room as I had thought. He was dream-walking into her space. For those of you not familiar with the term “dream-walking”….here is my definition of this sort of psychic projection.
It is a form of contact that one can use to enter a persons dreams and not just in a psychic sense ,but in a more solid energetic sense. It is a very powerful way to connect on a deeper level without having to travel from point A to point B. The person dreamwalking uses your dreams as a direct link….much like a portal. It opens and you just need to step through into the other persons space. It is rare to find people who are adept enough to travel this way.

*Dream-walking is not a negative skill… its just like any other tool..becoming negative only when used in a destructive way.*

I have heard this term from other sources and im sure we each have our own definition of dream-walking which, is why I have given you my own personal view. *smiles* I can barely keep up with all the terms and definitions out there.

My friends desperation is at an all time high and my sense of outrage and determination to stop this #!@* criminal is just as intense.
I now understand how he is slipping in and able to retreat without leaving an energy trace. I adjust my tactics to match.
The hunter has now become the hunted.*grins*

Back to where I left off earlier….

I recieve the anticipated text of “He is here!” at 4am. I am already awake and in full warrior mode. Praying I can connect with him and catch him off guard. I text my friend back that I was “coming over”. Meaning sending my energy body over to her. Remember, this is a few states away. All long distance.
As soon as I enter her room…I feel the energy in her bedroom and I can sense the intense change. I feel his invasive energy and it is very defined and strong. I realized I was in for a fight.

I strike at him in a rush… not wanting to give him the chance to retreat. I latch onto his energy body with my tendrils. (Energetic extentsions that are very handy when manipulating energy)

As soon as I latch onto him he begins to struggle and attempts to break free. I tighten my hold on him and begin to feed. It is the most efficient way for me to weaken an adversary and in a short time.
He fights back but, it only helps my resolve. I also, sense another darker energy observing the whole struggle.
It feels like a negative entity and I intuitivly sense it is something he has called to himself in order to become more powerful.
I tense, and free up some of my tendrils in anticipation of a second fight and am fully expecting it to come to his aide but, it does not. It remains in the background not moving to help him. *which…as you can imagine… is good news for me*

I turn my focus back on my quarry and I feel him weaken and begin to pull his invasive energy out of my friends body and slowly drag him out through her feet. He was attempting to take her over and use her as a shield.
My friend had no idea what I was doing but, texts me telling me she is feeling his energy move out of her body and out through her feet. *I Love good feed back. 🙂 *

I pull him out completely and for good measure…I drag him through the energy grids protective barrier. * I know that had to hurt..a lot!..grins*

Once we are outside of the grid and my friend is safe within… I use my tendrils to pull him closer to me. I must admit that feeling him struggle to escape made it a bit more fun for my primal side. It felt gratifying to know how scared he felt. To feel some of what he has put his victims through seemed only right.
I wrapped my tendrils around him even tighter and I began to punch and tear chunks out of his energy body . Feeling very primal ….I sink my astral fangs deep into his energy body for an extra level of dominance . I hear him screaming and begging the other entity to help him but, to no avail. The entity continues to watch and seems content to stay out of it…so I increase the ferocity of my attack in order to cause enough damage to his energy body that he will not be able to recover for a very long time. My goal is that it will take him a few lifetimes to heal. Maybe, by then he will no longer attack helpless women.

I truly wanted to destroy him but, the fact that he was a live human being did not allow me this gratifying option. He was lucky for this fact. I experienced being a victim in my own life and have quite an aversion to men like him.

Back to the story….

I did not tell my friend what I was doing but, she texted me to ask me what was happening? She says she can hear screaming and moaning from all around her. A mans disembodied voice crying out in pain. I explained why she was hearing that and she cheered me on. Not that I blame her. :p

What I find interesting is that this is not the first time people have reported hearing audible sounds originating from whatever I was fighting at that time.
*I am always, amazed when I get such astounding feedback. *

Back to my chance to play the hero.*smiles*

At this point I can feel he is very weakened and is having a hard time maintaining his energy body. The patterns of his energy body are beginning to break up. I decide he has had enough and release him.I feel him instantly return to his physical body and I notice the shadow entity leave as well.
My friend also,senses his departure at the same time and reports feeling the energy of the room changing and becoming dramatically lighter.
I focus on healing her energy body and making sure any links or leftover energy traces are gone.
Once I have cleared her and the room… I rest.. knowing it was effective but, time will tell.

I am happy to report that weeks later she has not been bothered by him. She no longer has any nightmares and can sleep without fear.

I now have more of this story to report. Remember the shadow entity that was observing the whole thing? well, it began appearing in her house to her and other family members and floating above her in bed. Yet, it did not attack anyone. It turned out, that it was luring me into a trap. knowing she would turn to me for help.

But…that… is another post.
To be continued…..*grins*

Sweet dreams.

Hello again,

Do you ever wonder if something you say or do…. will someday come back to haunt you? Or at the very least ,wreak havoc in your life?
If you are the average person trying to hide some part of yourself from public criticism …then Im guessing ..yes.

I dont just mean vamps..Sanguine or Psi…. We are just one more group that is seen as anything but, normal. Im speaking to anyone that feels as though some essential part of who they are is something that others may judge or misunderstand. That you are somehow different and wont be accepted because of it.

Of course, we dont want to forget those amazing people out there that can express who they are… regardless of acceptance or not.  More power to anyone in that state of mind.*smiles*

I am finding, more often than not, as the years progress..that I am developing the attitude of…I am what I am and too #@%$* bad if you dont like it. *grins* Yet, there is always the nagging fear of persecution. History teaches us the value of hiding our differences.. The Spanish Inquisition, Hitler’s concentration camps and many other instances of people killing people just for being different.

At times… frustration and weariness inspires those moments that I mentioned in the beginning of this blog. When I will think….hmm. I should not have said or done that. (Image of Hagrid in Harry Potter just came to mind . The Sorcerers Stone..when he mentions fluffy.) *grins*

Anyways, back on topic..lol

One good thing about being me is that im already the Energy Healer, Ghost Hunter, Psychic Medium and all around.. resident “freak”…to most my coworkers..so what is one more thing? *grins*

With that being said….I am happy to report that lately, I have become much more open about my own personal beliefs and my vampiric nature . Then I get nervous and lose some of my confidence. Drat! That I cant be the ..I dont care what others think..person. Thank you Sheldon on Big Bang Theory for bringing the word “Drat” into everyday use.* grins*

Again, back to the discussion….

Work has been one of my more challenging enviroments. Money and job security are usually the reason we may feel the most vulnerable. We know an employer can determine our future to some extent. Employers have a strong influence over how we present ourselves. Both work and even our personal lives can be effected. With Facebook and other social media..our employers can now find out how employees live or think away from the job. And trust me. Employers do take the time to Google us.

With that in mind…. regarding work..it may be more accurate to say that I am easing open the coffin door..sitting up, looking around..then getting spooked and hastily retreating and slamming the door shut. Feeling a bit like I just saw villagers with pitchforks and torches coming my way. *yikes*
I am amazed and proud that I have come out at all ….even if it is followed by a fearful…. Run away! Keep running!. (Monty Python this time. )*grins*

The ironic part of hiding my “vampiric” side … is that
I already have the stereotypical look to some extent.
Pale skin (which,incidently breaks out in hives when in the sun for more than a little while). Photo-sensitive eyes that require sunglasses year round. (Winter included and at times… I am the only person wearing them.)
Most everyone who knows me…knows I am a night person and only work days because, of personal reasons at home. So you can see why I have been referred to as a “vampire”…..in jest…..which, makes me laugh. I know these traits do not make one vampiric but, it is somewhat funny when taken as a whole .*grins*

In general,I try to baby feed ideas…without using the V word.
I will talk about energy deficiencies with some of my coworkers…usually, during a conversation about ghost hunting or healing work. I mention how each person is born with different levels of energy. Some of us have too much, some, just the right amount or others… not enough. (Sounds like Goldielocks..lol.)
I will try to casually mention how each of us balances out the other. A natural yin and yang. *subtle information is a wonderful thing. smiles*

The biggest risk I have taken is to contact feed from my friend/coworker. We sit and try to be somewhat subtle about it…but, I have had to explain to a few of my coworkers what I am doing. It is now accepted by the three other coworkers that sit in the same area. Yayyy!

This is one if those times that being a bit different has its advantages.*smiles*
Coming out of the coffin does not create quite the impact it would have if my other talents and hobbies had not already been known. Nobody, thinks much about the resident freak doing anything freaky.. It gives me a bit more freedom in an odd way. *grins*

Ultimately, my goal is to feel more comfortable being open with my vampirism at work and home. I figure if I can get my family and friends to accept this aspect of me..then my world and theirs may evolve and become a bit better.

Learning to accept differences with each other is always a good thing. Media Influences….like X-men , Angel, Charmed, Lost Girl, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Destination Truth and True Blood… all seem to help open peoples minds to the possibilty of other realities and conditions . Which, only helps those of us struggling to be accepted.

So,I keep trying to leave my comfort zones….even though… at some point I may find myself at the mercy of the pitchfork wielding villagers..but, in order for the world to change..we each need to face our fears and stand up for who we are. Wether, we are one of the villagers accepting the monster in their midst or the monster choosing to casually stroll down the street..we all play a crucial part. We are all freaks in our own way..just some of us more so than others. *smiles*

So, let your Freak Flags fly and wear good running shoes and flame retardant clothing..just in case. *grins*

Good luck and sweet dreams,


I had this subject come up when talking to a friend and found out we both shared experiences regarding the Ouija Board.

Before I share my story I want to discuss how one can purchase this item. It is currently available in most game sections of many retail stores . This very serious tool, used for communicating with the dead, is treated as just a silly game. It is even sold as such . It can be found next to Monopoly,checkers and Scrabble. Family game night will never be the same.*grins*
The kids are reeeeally missing Grandma… How about the Ouija board!
Really? Does anyone else find this a bit bizarre? *grins*

I feel the Ouija Board is a tool like anything else . Not good or bad. But, should not be taken lightly. Im not sure it should be sold alongside games meant for children. Mainly, because it is what I think of as a “shit-Magnet”
What I mean, is that the Ouija Board tends to pull in negative energy . It does not come out of the box ready to use as most people would think.
I would suggest taking some precautions to ensure a positive experience.

Cleansing and blessing the board is a good way to do this.
Starting out with a positive mind set and not treating it like a game is very important as well.
The Ouija seems to magnify energy around it. Basically,shit in…shit out. Hence my previous title for this item. *grins*

After reading my own experience please, dont go throwing out your boards if you are worried. It is not always the culprit for paranormal activity in your home. It is just a tool that demands respect and common sense. Many people use them and have very positive experiences.

Now,for my story…..
This occurred back when I was a young teen. Which, means quite some time ago. *grins*

Some neighbor friends invited me over. They had a very nice finished basement and I went down to find my friends sitting around a table with candles and a Ouija Board in the middle. Imagine my surprise.
I had no clue what they had planned for the evening and was intrigued.
I agreed to try it out.
I did not feel it was a big deal and did not take it seriously. I figured, what the heck. What can it hurt? 
Famous last words*chuckles*

It started out pretty simple.
We were all a bit nervous yet excited.

There was four of us and we gathered around the table.
We each placed a few fingers on the planchette.
As soon as we all touched it…I felt something change . Like a current of energy.

My one friend began to ask if anyone was there that wanted to communicate. I could feel the planchette begin to slowly move and after a few minutes it began to pick up speed. It moved in circular motions as though deciding what to spell.
We each were glancing up at one another with a mixture of excitement and wondering if anyone was moving it.

It settled on Yes.

The next question was spoken.
Are you in this room with us? Once again it began moving and went away from yes then back to it and stopped.

I began sensing a presence in the room and thought it was due to my imagination yet, my internal warning system starts going off. I ignore the warning telling myself im over reacting.

Remember, this is before I became aware of spirits. I was still in the discovery stage. It was not until many years later that I
would find myself helping earth bound spirits cross-over or even discover that I am a Psi . I am pretty much being introduced to the paranormal in a way I had not experienced before. Not the best way to be introduced, I might add. *smiles*

Back to my story….

Next question.If your are in this room how many of us are here?
The planchette settles on the 4. Of course, its correct.

Next question. Where are you in the room? The planchette moved again and begins spelling out words. It spells out the words that it is next to me with its arm around me and that im its favorite. *yikes!*

I am a bit freaked out at this point. To say the least. *smiles*

I then asked some questions in hopes of disproving all of it and that someone at the table was moving it.

I ask… what color my underwear is and it answered correctly.

I decide to try one last ditch effort to confirm this was a joke being played on me….I ask..is anyone home at my house right now? I knew my parents were gone and not due back until much later.
To my surprise, it answers yes. I run upstairs and out the back door…being neighbors …I am able to easily confirm if this is true. I fully expect to see our driveway empty but, its not. I am shocked. My parents came home unexpectedly.

I go back into my friends house and walk downstairs to rejoin my friends. I must have had a look on my face because, they look at me like ..what? I proceed to tell them what I found.

At this point I am hesitant to be a part of things again…but, I dont want to show fear or let this entity have the power. So, I once again lay my fingers on the planchette.

My other friend asks the question we are all dreading. Does it mean us harm?
The planchette settles on Yes. I can feel the energy in the room intensifying and I do the only thing I can think of. I begin reciting the Lords Prayer. I was not… nor have I ever been what anyone would call religous but, it was the only thing I knew to do at that time and actually could remember. *grins*

As soon as I began to speak the words… the planchette moves so quickly towards the No that our fingers fell off the planchette. We were not expecting it to move and kept up with it as best as we could…purely out of surprise at that point.
After our fingertips broke contact ..we saw it finish moving the last inch or so… on its own. I think we were all so stunned at that point we did not know what to do.
After a few minutes we all got up and turned on the lights and blew out the candles. No one said a word. We all had these wide eyed looks of fear and shock. I quickly said goodbye and headed back home. No one spoke about it after that.

I wish I could say that this where the story ended but, I cant.

Later that same night.

I am now in bed at home trying to sleep yet, far to freaked out to do so. I must have looked like a crazy person. Wide eyes darting around the room..clutching a bible to my chest like its the only floatation device left on a sinking boat. *grins*
Like I said before..I was a bit on the paranoid side. I had no clue how to handle this sort of experience.

So here I am. Laying in bed and listening for any sound or movement that shouldnt be in my room and taking some comfort in a bit of light shining from my parents room.
They were down the hall playing TV games..as we called them back then.

Yes, I am dating myself. * smiles* Even worse, they were playing “Paddle Ball”. A really basic game where a single back and forth movement of a paddle is used to keep a bouncing ball in play . I know. Lame*chuckles*
Ok enough about the games that predated Playstation and the likes. Current younger generation. Google it . *smiles*

I am laying in bed and I am extremely hyper-vigilant due to feeling like I was not alone. That something followed me home.

I begin to hear some noises like things being tossed onto my parents dresser and I look over and see a shadow in front of their bedroom dresser.

The way the rooms are situated I am able to see into a small section of their room and that included the dresser. I at first think it is one of them and their shadow casting onto the dresser. But, after looking more closely I notice that it is in front of the dresser and not a true shadow at all. I can tell something is not right plus, I can hear my parents in the frontroom.
Just as I think this…the shadow..which I see is very dense and very black with a very solid feel to it….. slowly turns and looks at me.
I freeze in terror as these very red and piercing eyes meet mine and this strong feeling of hate and anger rolls over me.
I clutch the bible tightly afraid to move.

I cant make out specific features on its face except for the eyes and what seems to be large horns… like a rams… protruding from the sides of its head. I know it sounds so crazy and stereotypical that it sounds made up. I can assure you its not. I speak the truth. I know what I saw.

It seemed like an eternity until, I had the courage to close my eyes and break eye contact. I decided ..at that moment …that no matter how frightened I felt, I would face whatever it was and be strong.

I think this is also, the moment that I begin to truly face any learned or imagined fears I had and became intent on taking my power back. To not let fear win ..even if its paranormal with horns or without.
It also, helped me to understand what its like to face negative entities .

Back to my story…
I opened my eyes fully… expecting it to still be there or worse…be in my bedroom with its face only inches from mine.. but, to my relief…it was gone. I no longer felt its presence.

I jump out of bed and fly down the hall totally freaked.

I ask my parents if they were just in their room and I get the response…No. Did you want us to be? My parents usual dry humor response . *grins*

I try to play it off that Im not scared out of my mind and say something to the effect, no I was just curious. And retreat back to my room with my parents watching me leave …with what I can only guess is a bewildered look on their faces. Which, im sure happened a lot when I was growing up.
Per previous posts, I was the strange child that paranormal things seemed to happen to. So, I suppose they were not that shocked about my odd behavior. *grins*

Over the next few weeks, I began experiencing unusual things in the house. Both my parents worked and my older Brother was gone a lot. so I was mostly alone.

I would hear footsteps coming down the hall even though I was alone and the floors were carpeted. I would be in the shower and hear doors opening and closing and I would call out but, no answer. Again, only to find I was very much alone.

My favorite moment. was hearing my brothers bed creaking as though he was moving around a lot …our bedrooms shared a wall, only to find when I charged into his room annoyed ..when he did not
answer me or respond to my shouted….Would ya stop it! I cant sleep with you moving around so much! And turning on the light.. and finding that he was not home. He was out with friends.

It was all becoming a bit much at this point.

I decided to mention it to my friends and see if they were having similar problems. I just prayed they did not think I was nuts. I asked my friend/neighbor who we had the Ouija board session in her house, and she could not believe what I told her. Not because, she did not believe me but, due to the fact that she had the same issues going on in her home as well.
She gave the board back to the other friend that owned it and it stopped.

I did not know what to do. We did not have a Ouija board in our house. I felt somewhat disturbed at that point. I had no idea how I was going to fix this issue.

I ended up cleaning part of our basement shortly after this discussion and was trying to figure out what to do about the uninvited guest. While organizing the massive amounts of games we had, I was stunned to find a very old Ouija Board within the stacks.
I think I had it in my hands only as
long as it took me to walk it out to the curb and place it on top of the full garbage can. It happened to be garbage pick-up the next day.

I am happy to report that all activity ceased from that day on.
I can also, tell you that my Mother was not very happy when she learned of me throwing it out since, it was something that belonged to my Grandmother and was very old. I should have at least given it back to my Grandma.
I felt bad but, honestly, my instinct told me to just throw it out. I dont think I wanted to risk giving it to anyone else nor, did I even realize it was not ours at the time.

As an adult, with experience dealing with these sort of things ….I must admit to looking back and wishing I could have investigated it further. I would have liked to try cleansing the board instead of just throwing it out. But, its all good. It was the correct thing to do at that time and the only thing I even knew to do.

I truly dont see it as evil as some people do. I think it comes charged from being mass produced and somehow it seems to have a proclivity to attract negative energy… if used right out of the box.

With the correct respect,attitude and cleansing …it can be used safely. I had sworn to stay away from it for many years and still do not own one. Not so much from fear but, I truly did not feel the need to have one. I have used one with a friend since and had very positive experiences. Plus, why take the chance and tempt fate.*grins*

I must admit to finding the boards fascinating and am not anti Ouija board as I was following my experience. Since then I have come to the point where I am no longer opposed to being around them or even joining in a session with a friend once in awhile.
I truly feel that the energy we brought to the table that night was a large part of our experience. We were young kids and did not have a clue what we were doing and treated it only slightly more serious than if we had played Monopoly. I am still not the biggest fan of spirit boards but, do not avoid them like the plague anymore. *grins*
I can see the positive uses and why they are still so popular. Its an amazingly simple tool and results are almost, a given. Sometimes they are not the type we wanted..but, if positive energy fills the atmosphere and cleansing and blessings are done…I truly believe that the board can be another great tool that spiritual minded people can use in a very positive manner. Just always, keep in mind that the best tools we have are part of us already. Our own senses. Learn to rely on your own innate gifts and talents to connect. You will find that a board is not nearly as satisfying or convey as much as what we can feel, hear and sense from within ourselves.

Good luck in your endeavors and please, feel free to share your own experiences . *smiles*

Sweet dreams,

Energy and Chaos


I apologize for being away so long. Life has been a bit chaotic and has kept me quite busy. 

I am not going to go into any of the boring details but, lets just say…things that I could not have guessed would ever happen to me..have. Go figure.*grins*
I am still reeling from the changes and some have been very sad, while some have been very good. 

I seem to be the epitome of balance. The light and the dark…the yin and yang..the give and take. All of these elements seem to be working in my life at this moment. Things are far from boring right now. *smiles*

I have seen…first hand… how destruction can bring creation and rebirth. Though, it can be a bit overwhelming. But, with destruction, comes the most important and momentous of changes.  I am truly sympathetic with how a phoenix feels. With its cycle of renewal.
It seems, I just begin to settle in and understand my life and who I am..and wham! Something happens to change that.
I have found myself once again, engulfed by fire and have been completely reduced to ashes and only now,  am I beginning the phase of rebirth.

I am not sure if it is fate or a cosmic joke…that has brought me to this state of being….once again. *smiles*  
I am allowing myself to  embrace  these changes and I am feeling the physical, mental, spiritual and energetic drain that seems to coincide with it.

I find that being a Psi and dealing with a constant loss of life force …due to everyday stresses and life changes …is anything but, fun.  I dont recommend it.*grins*
It has been the most challenging time for me in regards to my usual day to day life as a Psi.

l find that my regular feedings  have become something I have to force myself to do…even though I am feeling the energy loss and need to feed.  Reaching out to the people (my donors) who can help me the most or to anyone for that matter…becomes a diffucult task for me when I am dealing with things this intense.
And having put myself into a self induced “Fortress of Solitude” has not helped. (Yes, my ode to Superman.*smiles *)

Hermit mode, as I usually call it, has been a coping mechanism of mine for as long as I can recall. It can feel very lonely yet, it is a retreat in strength and inner discovery. 
For me, healing on this level can only occur after I go within and  begin the task of figuring out answers and understanding my own part in the things that have occurred. It is a time for processing and facing my shadow side and learning from it.
The unfortunate thing about Hermit mode… is that it cuts me off from my friends and family as well as my usual energy resources.

A formal message to my donors…

My beloved friends/donors..you know who you are.*smiles*
I have missed you. Very much.
I apologize for my abscence of late and for not communicating on a more regular basis.  I am grateful for your understanding and friendship.  I will apologize now for my inner beast. I am sure it will be very demanding once I allow myself to feed properly, after emerging from my solitude.
I know a few of you have even sent me energy without my asking .  Thank you.
Words cannot express my gratitude. I will always be grateful for the loving support.*smiles* I look forward to reconnecting as before. 

Currently, I am regaining my footing and emerging from my cave…….much squinting and blinking  …..feeling the light of day sting my eyes. (I would include pale skin as well but, I am always pale. ) *Grins.*

I am experiencing a lot of negative side effects due to my  my self imposed hermit mode.

I am unable to sustain my energy levels without my regular feedings and its  as though my energy system has gone into starvation mode.  Shutting down to conserve only the most important functions.
I have noticed my healing responses have slowed down tremendously.
I scratched my hand and it is taking a long time for a simple scrape to heal. I was hit hard by a upper respratory infection which has taken over a month to recover from.
My heart palpitations are back with a vengeance. As I have mentioned in earlier postings..I have a prolapsed Mitral valve and only find relief when I feed and keep my energy levels up.
My joints are aching and stiff and my sleep quality is far below what I use to experience. I am in a depressed mental state as well. I am not someone who becomes  depressed. I typically am a very up and happy person.  The glass is half full, kind of person. I have noticed that my mood is very much effected by my lack of feeding.  It makes me wonder how many people could possibly be psi’s (that are unaware or unawakened)  and needing energy.  It would be interesting to take random people suffering from depression and teach them to feed and see if it helps. Im sure that is going to happen..since society is so open and accepting of energy vamps..right?  All said with sarcasm. *chuckles*

Another side effect I have noticed is that chocolate “calls to me”.  Ok, thats not all together due to my low energy levels.Moving on. *smiles*

I decided to share my current journey even if its not in detail because,  I know we all have these moments and sometimes hearing about someone elses issues can be a type of therapy . To be reminded that we are never alone in our feelings . Good or bad. Sad or happy.
I think, can be helpful.

I truly believe that at some point, I will get through this and be stronger for it. Its just a matter of time. I am taking things day by day.

I am hesitant to speak in detail about my personal life issues and have decided to keep them private. Yet, I would like to keep my readers in the loop and know that I have not abandoned this blog or anyone in my life. This is just my way of making contact and “coming up for air”.
Thank you, to my friends and family and all the people who have followed my blog……you know who you are. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated. *Smiles*

On a more positive note…

I hope to fully crawl out from my self imposed solitude and begin to rejoin my fellow travelers on this road called life….very soon.

I will try to post on my blog again in the very near future.

Sweet dreams,




I recently watched a new show on Sci-Fi called “Lost Girl”.
I was intrigued by the previews and decided to check it out
The show is about a girl that finds out she is Fae (an ancient race of beings some more commonly think of as Faeries …though it relates to many types).  and she finds out she is  specifically a succubus.
Her Fae parents left her with a human couple to raise her. They allude to them doing this in order protect her from something in their own realm .

The girl is awakening to who she is and what she is. Needless to say, she is a bit overwhelmed and reaches out looking for someone she can trust.

I was amazed to see how they  depict her feeding on energy. They show it as a blue white light she pulls in with her touch and her breath….she draws in their lifeforce.
The character will feed  from fae and human alike, man or woman.It does not make a.difference to her hunger. The fact that she uses the term “feed” and “hunger” surprised me as well.

Another interesting detail is that she can only heal or function if she feeds on energy. Of course she heals almost instantly.*smiles* I have found this very same phenomena in my own life. If I feed…. my healing speeds up versus not. If I become low.. I dont heal as quickly and my immune system becomes compromised,very quickly.

Which leads me to the question of who wrote the story line and what type of research they did. *grins*

I am curious …how much is based on original myth about succubi or how much is based on todays Psi vampires.
The succubi of old are painted in a very different light than the character on this show so it makes me think they have adapted the traits from more modern versions and myths.

I am both, nervous about this new show and excited.  I do not know if it will prove an asset or a liability regarding the way psi vampirism is viewed. Only time will tell.

The good news is that the main character is  being portrayed as someone learning to face her fears and discovering her shadow side.. She is not perfect and has made her mistakes but, seems to be trying to control her darker urges and find that elusive balance. Being able to accept who she is and find ways to cope and use it in positive ways.  

The show also, is addressing the use of donors. The character seems to have found an ally in the Fae through a man who  understands what she is and accepts her fully. He  seems to genuinly care about her.  I am hoping they develop the idea of donors more.

The character also, has a human friend whom she has entrusted with her secrets  and the human seems to be a sort of guide or protector in some ways.  Another ally that is able to look past her own  natural fear and self-preservation and find a trusted friend in the succubus.

I look forward to future episodes and hope that the writers are able to cultivate compassion and understanding within the storyline. Maybe, it will help people to see past a persons differences and allow positive communication to begin.

I will keep you posted if any further points of interest come to light.

Sweet dreams,